Congrats on you holding your AIO® in your hands. Just a few steps to follow until you are reading to reconquer the world with a big smile.



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Installing The Head Straps

Connect the adjustable elastic head straps to your AIO® by sliding the notched ball joint of the clip over the small rail in the mask’s pocket and turn them 90 degrees. Both clips can be removed at any time by aligning the notch with the rail and pulling them forward. Note: You can only attach and remove the strap if the notch is aligned with the rail.

You may place the head strap either on your head or neck passing over or under your ear depending on your personal comfort preference.

Use the buckle to adjust the headband for a comfortable, but not tight, fit. Relax and breathe normally.

Above the ear

Below the ear


How to Change the AIO® Pads

Your AIO® is delivered with a sealed pack of AIO® Pads. By default, there is no AIO® Pad in the mask. Before using your AIO® Mask, open the filter cartridge by squeezing the cartridge cover on both sides and lifting it from the mask. When opened, carefully place the AIO® Pad onto the mask. Please make sure that all breathing holes in the mask’s body are covered by the filter before proceeding. Finally press the cartridge cover slightly together in order to slide it securely back into place.

Note: If you have any problem opening your cartridge there is a safety option. Simply use a pointy object (e.g. pen or kitchen knife) and push it through the small opening at each end of the filter cartridge.

Note: The regular AIO® Pads are highly efficient and it is recommended to take a break after whenever possible after using them for an hour. 


How to Use The Valves

Your AIO® might boast optional exhalation valves that can be opened or closed. The valves can be opened or closed by rotation. When the slider is positioned horizontally (facing to your face or away) the valve will be open; positioned vertically (facing up or downward) the valve will remain closed.
Be aware that when the valves are opened unfiltered air is exhaled. Opened valves only let unfiltered air out however you are still only inhaling filtered air. In order to keep unprotected people around you safe, keep your valves closed.

Caution: Do not open the valves. However if opened, please make sure not to lose the transparent valve disc. 

Valve open
(facing the face)

Valve open
(facing away from face)

Valve closed
(facing up)

Valve closed
(facing down)


Anti Fog Spray Instructions

Before spraying your AIO® please empty your filter cartridge. Please apply 2 sprays to the inside of the mask and let it sit for 30 seconds. Once used (without cleaning the mask) your anti fog coating will last up to 1 week depending on the usage.


How to Clean Your AIO® Mask

The AIO® Mask (not the head straps) can be cleaned with water and soap or in the dishwasher, for quick and thorough cleaning. We recommend to use your CLEAR VUE® Anti Fog Spray after each washing to maintain the anti fog coating. You can also use other disinfectants on your AIO® Mask.

Note: Always use 1-2 sprays of CLEAR VUE® Anti Fog Spray (following the instructions) after washing your AIO® to ensure the effect of the coating.

Note: Always empty your filter cartridge before cleaning your AIO®.


How often do I need to exchange the AIO® Pads?

The AIO® Pads can be disposed of in the plastic bin and are recyclable. Please exchange your filters depending on the usage of your breathing. AIO® Pads may last up to 72 hours of active usage in your mask. 


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