Revolutionary transparent mask made in Germany

by Anna Müller on October 12, 2020

July 16th, 2020

Female founder combines protection and facial expression - finally!


Who does not know when in spring the flowers start to bloom, or the wind blows the pollen of the trees through the area? Then the painful time for allergic or asthmatic persons begins and you often cannot fully enjoy the first pleasant sunny days of the year. But it is not only those who suffer, people from the urban agglomerations are also exposed to polluted air every day.

My name is Anna, 27 years old, and co-founder of the sustainable respirator AIO®. Together with my sister Teresa, I spent two years developing a high-quality, stylish and practical alternative to the traditional disposable mask. My intention is to fight for cleaner air and contribute to a healthy life. For me, this includes healthy breathing.

Sustainable protection

When I was looking for quality masks on the market, it was really hard to find one, because I want to use a product that on the one hand can provide sufficient protection against polluted air and pollen. On the other hand, I didn't want to have a mask that I would have to dispose of after a short time and thus cause further waste. Furthermore, it was also important that it is a stylish face mask that can be combined well and that you like to wear. If you want to have all these wishes fulfilled in one mask, you will stop the search disappointed.

My sister and I didn't want to settle for that and have already started to create a product in 2018 that meets our requirements. As a first idea in the fight for clean air we developed a scarf with an integrated breathing mask. Especially in China we found first contacts during this time and so we could win a start-up competition there with our scarf one year later. Although the topic of face masks did not yet have the same attention and topicality here in Germany as it does now, we set ourselves the goal of bringing our idea into the consciousness of the people here in Europe.

Award-winning in China

Our masks can be used as often as you like and are equipped with replaceable filter pads to ensure that the air you breathe is always fresh. Only our filter pads need to be changed after 3 to 4 weeks, depending on use. We make sure that as many materials as possible can be recycled. We also made sure that the components of our protective mask are allergy-compatible, soft to the skin and suitable for everyone. Due to the fact that we only manufacture one product with high quality components and work with great attention to detail, the price per mask is 29€. Therefore, you can use it for life without buying a new one. With every order you will receive 3 filter pads and our AIO Clear Vue Anti Fog Spray (30ml). So, you are super equipped with a mask and still look stylish.

It was important to me that our respirator can help against air pollution as well as pollen, allergies or bacteria & viruses.
- Anna Müller, Founder AIO®

Developed and produced at home

In addition, our masks are available in different colors, so there is something for every taste. The attachment that rests on the skin is different in color, as are the exhalation valves on both sides. As far as sizes are concerned, we are in the process of adapting our masks for children as well.

With our idea, we were also able to convince the state of North Rhine-Westphalia (Germany), which has been supporting and promoting us since last year. Moreover, this product is just the beginning, as merino and cashmere scarves with integrated filters are to be launched on the market in winter.

I am happy to be able to launch such a project after two years of hard work to tackle a serious and important problem in many parts of the world. We also succeeded in being sustainable because the mask can be easily washed in the dishwasher or by hand and there is no rubbish like disposable masks. We speak with full conviction about many functions of our mask. We stand for a high quality and stylish breathing mask that protects and is needed.